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Modern Monsters

Each month is a personal development adventure and here’s how it works:

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What is Modern Monsters?

While our adventures in the land of fantasy and roleplaying games put us into frequent encounters with monsters that incite havoc in our lives, we don’t find necromancers, eldritch horrors, fiends, or dragons in our everyday life. Or do we?

This adventure path is all about exploring our Modern Monsters and how the legendary foes we fight in the realm of fantasy might appear in our earthly encounters. Some monsters represent our deepest fears and regrets while others work their plans through the accumulation of thoughts and behaviors in our lives that seek to disrupt our ambitions.

No matter the case, we are here to offer you a look at these Modern Monsters so you can start building a personal bestiary - knowledge of the creatures you encounter, tactics to deploy against them, and insight into what support you might need to keep these threats at bay.

We can’t promise that these foes will be easy to face nor can we guarantee that you will be able to slay every monster in your path. Forewarned is forearmed and that is the spirit of this adventure path. When you know what danger is out there, you can prepare accordingly because no monster has the power to keep us from courageously living.


Get the Guide to Modern Monsters

We've built the Guide to Modern Monsters you can use alongside our newsletters to dive deeper into Sessions 28-31. It has roleplaying ideas, actions to take, journal prompts, inspirational magic items and more!

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Explore Modern Monsters

Click the session title to dive deeper with each topic in this series once it's live!

To create encounters that are appropriate for our heroes, we look at each monster’s challenge rating to assess whether we are up to the task – and how many friends we need by our side. In this session, see how our are modern monsters have a challenge rating of their own and how we often compare ourselves not to our own monsters, but to each other.

The most insidious modern monsters are creatures born from our own thoughts. In this session, we’ll explore how to identify these creatures and build personal strategy for the feelings of doubt, shame, and “should” that they create. When we name the monsters, we start to win the battle.

Regrets as a modern monster are like the undead: they haunt us and stay in a position between living and resting in peace. In this session we’ll take a look at the types of regret we might experience and how we might be able to turn these monsters into our teachers and start fully living again.

Dragon’s hoard all matter of objects - whatever suits their purpose or their obsession. For us, our fear operates in much the same way. That’s why in this session we’ll explore dragons and their hoard as the modern monster that represents our fear and see how sometimes we might not always be able to slay the dragon, but that doesn’t keep us from a courageous life.


Free Workshop!

Fear, ,Regret, and Doubt: Taming Our Modern Monsters

October 19, 12-1 ET on Zoom

We don’t have the opportunity to slay dragons, defend against the undead, or fight off eldritch horrors in our daily life. Yet, we have modern monsters of our own. In this workshop, we’ll explore these creatures and how they manifest in our lives as fear, regret, doubt, shame, and more.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to vanquish these foes in 60 minutes, but we can offer you ways to identify and name these modern monsters so that once they are in your personal bestiary, you can develop the tactics and tools need to overcome them.

This workshop is great if you:

  • Struggle with fear, doubt, and regret when making decisions

  • Get caught up in overthinking or analysis paralysis

  • Want new ways of tackling thought patterns you feel are limiting you

Sign up if you don’t know the answer to the following:

  • What can I do to address personal regrets?

  • How does fear show up in my everyday life?

  • What is at the heart of my doubts?

  • What modern monster am I facing right now?


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