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Going Rogue

Each month is a personal development adventure and here’s how it works:

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What is Going Rogue?

Rogues are one of the most lovable character archetypes across genres, not just in TTRPGs. They are the expert locksmiths breaking into casinos, the cocktail party spies whispering secrets and gathering intel, the hacktivists breaking into the mainframe, and the humble thief struggling to survive under the reign of those who stole from them first. Rogues question the very nature of rules, power, and what is hidden and what is in plain sight.

With rogues, not everything is as it seems. There is freedom in subversion.

At Coaches & Dragons, Going Rogue isn’t about joining your hometown mafia, ragtag pickpocket crew, or diving into the criminal underbelly – it’s about exploring what doors have been locked to you, challenging the rules about what you can and you can’t do, and fighting for justice for your community outside the system.

Rogues get a bad reputation for being the ones to do the dirty work. They pay the personal price for the sins of others. And while some may have had criminal beginnings, often our redeemed heroes have found their way to community, belonging, and justice - healing from the wrongs they’ve experienced or they’ve committed. And still maintaining the useful skills from their rogue toolkit - where sneaking, stealth, subterfuge, and seeing opportunity in every moment still pays off.

And just like our beloved rogues, we know where lies have gotten us into trouble just as much as how secrets have created peace and security for us. Going rogue is living in the gray where others see black and white. It’s about living not by the rules set for us, but the rules we set for ourselves.

A rogue's code of conduct is a personal one. If you’re Going Rogue this month with us, what is yours?


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Explore Going Rogue

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Session 40 - Pick Your Locks Wisely

Some doors are closed off to us, but where there’s a rogue there’s a way. Choosing which doors we want to pursue is an act of claiming what we believe lies beyond them - especially when someone has closed those doors to us with purpose and intention. In this session, we’ll tap into our rogue to stop asking for permission and create keys to the locks we find along the way.

Session 41 - Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge, SNEAK!

A rogue has a natural mobility that makes them hard to pin down. The rogue is known for their ability to seize a moment for themselves and hit their mark - often with the aid of stealth and subterfuge. In this session, we’ll explore how the rogue’s nimbleness can inspire us to turn a moment into an opportunity.

Session 42 - Thieves Can't?

What are the limits of a rogue? What is it that they can’t do? The stereotype of a rogue as a lone wolf or an outsider actually limits our own ability to subvert the status quo. In this session we’ll explore the role of the rogue in our community and daily life.

Session 43 - True Investigation

Not all rogues are lawless - sometimes they are the most thorough investigators and scouts you have in your corner. In this session, we’ll explore how the rogue’s curiosity can lead you to thoughtful questions and exciting adventures that leave no stone unturned.


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