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Session 31 - Dragon's Fear

This is part 4 of 4 in our Modern Monsters series.

Buried underneath the dragon’s hoard, is a fear waiting to be named.

The same is true for people.

D&D isn’t called Dungeons & Dragons because these reptilian foes are a mediocre challenge. These mythic creatures have their roots in cultures around the world and pose a looming threat in the skies and under the waves of our fantasy worlds too.

At Coaches & Dragons, the “dragon” is often our greatest challenge and a set of fears to overcome. To face our dragons, however, is not just managing to slay them. Sometimes, we need to learn to live with our dragons.

To seek to destroy our fear is a foolish errand. We will never be without fear in our lives. Where we can level up is in our ability to live in the face of fear - live knowing that our dragons still loom large in the world.

Dragons, like fear, can become obsessive, as reflected in their hoards. Many dragons amass wealth and treasure, keeping it for themselves. Who among us would mind hoarding on to a bit of extra cash? And we certainly live in a time where such wealth is hoarded, even if it isn’t locked deep within a cave (just systems of oppression that funnel wealth to a select few).

Yet, there are other things we can hoard. Some of us obsess over knowledge and information and try to learn as much as we can before making a decision. Others obsess over personal connection and relationships to ensure we are liked and loved. More than a few of us obsess over beauty or possibility, always looking for greener pastures.

What we hold on to reflects what we fear the most. The hoard reflects our internal world.

That fear may continue to nag at us and threaten our progress. And some days, that fear might just win out. Yet each day is a new opportunity to choose to either sit in fear, like a dragon over its hoard, or set out on the adventure we were destined for to seek out the treasures awaiting us.

When we name what we are afraid to lose or what we believe may be true, we start to walk the path away from hoarding with our fear, towards taking courageous, heroic action in our lives.

Courage is not the lack of fear, but the ability to take action alongside it.

Time to stop dragon your feet and charge ahead!


Autumn & Jerod


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