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Leveling Upwards

Each month is a personal development adventure and here’s how it works:

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What is Leveling Upwards?

Within TTRPGs, there is the concept of "failing upwards" - that when you roll low or are unsuccessful in an attempt to succeed, the DM or GM helps you to continue to advance the story and make progress. The failure doesn't stop you in your tracks - it merely introduces additional consequences as a result of your actions.

At Coaches & Dragons, we think we should find ways to fail upwards. More often than not, our clients are happy to take a look at and ruminate on their failures. How do we transform our mistakes? How do we learn from our past patterns?

This presented us with a challenging - how do we celebrate and grow when we succeed?

Introducing "Leveling Upwards" - our path to turning that moment of success into celebration, momentum, and a vision for what's next.

It's one thing to make progress towards a goal, but a "level up" is a unique experience within RPGs: it represents a new plateau of power, skills, and ability that wasn't present before. It's a breakthrough and a cause for celebration that typically is only acknowledged with some sparkle, homework, and a brief display of what's changed.

Leveling Upwards gives our clients the opportunity to really dig into their experiences, take the time to reflect on their next decisions, and ultimately celebrate not only their present accomplishment, but also the cumulative effort it took to get there. This isn't about honoring just a moment in time, but a lifetime of growth and decisions.

So wherever you are, we hope that you take the time to Level Upwards - take stock of where you are, where you've been, and what's next. Your experiences have brought you to this moment right now.

Our question is - what will you do with this moment?


Get the Leveling Upwards Workbook

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Explore Leveling Upwards

Click the session title to dive deeper with each topic in this series once it's live!

Session 36 - Evidence of Experience

In this session, we'll explore ways to visualize your life experiences so you can see where you've been and perhaps gain new insight on where you're going next.

Session 37 - Pivots and Potential

Each decision is a crossroads and sometimes our forward progress looks like a step backward. In this session we'll take a look at all of the decisions you've made and how your pivots, turns, zigzags, and detours have charted your personal path.

Session 38 - Achievement Unlocked

It's time to properly celebrate your next achievement. We'll expand your R.A.N.G.E. for how you might acknowledge your next "level up" using our handy acronym and some new tips and tricks designed just for you.

Session 39 - New Gains, New Story

When we level up, we have the opportunity to take stock of not only where we are, but also where our story is headed next. Now that we've accomplished a goal, what dreams, desires, and destinations are on the horizon? Who do we want to become on our way there?


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