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The Wild Side

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What is The Wild Side?

The weight of your feet on grass, the embodiment of the soft creature inside of us, the change of seasons, the building blocks of our world, and the transition from life to death to compost – that is The Wild Side.

Druids know The Wild Side best: they protect the natural world from forces that would seek to dominate it or put it out of balance. In a world of dangerous creatures and mysterious flora, they see connection, rhythm, and beauty. There is no fault in the natural order, simply a story unfolding of change, growth, and every organism looking for ways to fill its role in the world.

To embrace The Wild Side is to learn from the druids and see alignment where we might see separation, acknowledge the passage of time with gratitude rather than with fear, and see the natural wonders around us as extensions of who we might one day become.

The Wild Side is the invitation at the edge of the forest, the shoreline, the cave entrance, and the mountain peak that encourages us to explore, to discover, and to find new wisdom. For once we step into The Wild Side, we find newfound freedom beyond our imagination.


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Explore The Wild Side

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Is there a reason for seasons? In this session we’ll explore how we use the natural world to mark and celebrate the passage of time. How we see time and change and transformation has an impact on how we see ourselves and the world.

Druids are well known for their ability to transform into a variety of beasts, taking on their characteristics and abilities even for just a short time. In this session we’ll see what we can learn when we embody the fauna we know and love and how they might change our next encounter.

Don’t be fooled - humans have never been able to dominate the natural world. While we might be able to survive its malevolence, more often than not our efforts cut us off from its benevolence too. In this session we’ll see where nature is looking to reclaim the human systems and structures in our life and where we might choose the wild instead.

Across the world, the matter and stuff of reality was thought to be composed of elements, the building blocks of life. Earth, fire, water, and air each has their own storied characteristics and correspondences. In this session, we’ll see how we might understand our own lives through the elements in a way that brings us closer to what comes naturally to us.


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