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You find yourself in a tavern...

In the center of the room you see a large round table with many chairs. At the center of the table is a large platter overflowing with fresh food and various pitchers. Seated at the table you see two individuals who are laughing & dancing in their chairs to the music. They make eye contact with you as you walk in and with a big smile shout, “Welcome friend. Join us!”

You meet:

The woman with playful eyes and chipmunk cheeks laughs in excitement and introduces herself as Autumn Wade. As she talks, her hands move around as if conducting her words. She tells you she comes from a long line of sorcerers known for bringing happiness to people. Her magic allows people to embrace who they are, thrive in uncertainty, and love putting themselves first. She especially enjoys when they learn to cast the spell Hold Boundaries. She studied in the lands of IT & Operations and now explores new worlds with Jerod.

She pauses. You see a green flame in her eyes as a translucent sledgehammer of the same color appears before you. She asks you, “What wall are you ready to destroy?”

She smiles big and takes a drink.

The person seated next to her watches you with their sharp blue eyes, awaiting your answer patiently as if you have all the time in the world to answer. Your imagination is filled with a burst of sunlight that fills your vision until it settles into the familiar firmament of the night sky and a scattering of stars soon connected as constellations. Then, you hear in your mind a whisper, “Destruction is the first step to creation.”

The person finally introduces themselves as Jerod Turner and explains that they come from a line of teachers, designers, and craftsmen who help others find clarity, embrace well-being, and fight for justice against systems of harm. Handmade baubles and trinkets adorn their body, full of small creatures, plants, and cosmic symbols.

The druid speaks aloud, “Feeling a little starstruck?” and you see a twinkle in their wink just as fast as a comet followed by a warm smile.

Together, they explain that they see a powerful hero within you that is ready to adventure in this world.

Would you like to join them?


COACHES & DRAGONS is a collaboration with Autumn Wade and Jerod Turner, whose mission is to bring roleplay to the role you play in your life. They help others experience life as a bold adventure by translating roleplaying games into tools for self-discovery and action. Curious to learn more?

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