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New to coaching? Our FAQ

You have questions, we have answers.

What is coaching?

Coaching is where you learn about you and take action that moves you forward. It is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

We are both certified coaches through ICF and Co-active Training Institute. ICF is a governing body that provides standards for ethics and governance.

How can a coach help me?

Coaching can help in many aspects of life. People work with coaches for professional development, navigating big life changes, or support in planning and reaching personal goals.

Ultimately, coaches help you learn about yourself, challenge limiting beliefs, and achieve the goals you actually want.

Isn't coaching just advice?

It’s important to distinguish between coaching and advice: coaching is listening and championing a client to support their intentions, while advice is telling someone what to do based on the advisor’s worldview. I believe every client has the resources they need, but a good coach can hold clients accountable for actions that align with the client’s values.

How is coaching different from mentoring?

Mentors will share their knowledge, skills, and experience to help you develop and grow.

As your coach, I will not give advice, suggestions, or share personal experiences. I facilitate self-discovery to help you embrace, enhance, and unleash what you already have within you to achieve the outcomes you seek.

How is coaching different from therapy?

The difference between therapy and coaching isn’t always clear. Both coaching and therapy focus on helping people make changes and accomplish goals, even in difficult situations. Coaches are peers, focused on action and solutions that emphasize present and future. Therapists, however, are experts trained to work with mental health that emphasize past and present.

The ICF offers this analogy which I find helpful: A coach is like an athletic trainer while a therapist is like a medical doctor specializing in sports medicine. Both draw from a shared body of knowledge. The trainer focuses on improving fitness and performance and will refer the athlete to the medical doctor if there is reason to believe the athlete has an injury.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

What better way to know than to try it out?! Book your Free One Shot Session — a virtual session with one of our certified coaches where you will get a sense of what coaching can do for you.

What's in a coaching session?

The first coaching session is our Session Zero which will focus on designing our coaching relationship and setting the tone and foundation for the rest of the program or "campaign". In following sessions, you'll bring the topic and your coach will support your learning & action by asking powerful questions, stretching your thinking, and helping you explore options.


COACHES & DRAGONS is a collaboration with Autumn Wade and Jerod Turner, whose mission is to bring roleplay to the role you play in your life. They help others experience life as a bold adventure by translating roleplaying games into tools for self-discovery and action. Curious to learn more?

Here's how you can keep in touch with us on our campaign!

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