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Session Zero: Welcome to Coaches & Dragons

Welcome adventurer! We are so happy you have joined the party.

Session 0 is the most important session of a campaign. It is where the Game Master (GM) and players set the overall tone of the campaign.

This newsletter is our Session 0 with you!

We're Autumn & Jerod and we're the creators behind COACHES & DRAGONS, a personal development program that translates roleplaying games into tools for self-discovery and action so you can experience life as a bold adventure.

We are both certified Co-Active coaches and share a love gaming. What we found was that roleplaying games offer a familiar framework that encourages exploration, play, and confidence in facing the unknown which personal growth requires.

So, we borrowed ideas from tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons to help you turn your fantasy from an escape into reality. While we can't promise you'll slay a real red dragon, we can promise to give you better tools to fight whatever dragons you might face on your adventure.

At the heart of COACHES & DRAGONS is our passion to bring personal growth opportunities that are accessible and fun to the community we love.

This is a personal development experience like no other. It's time to bring roleplay to the role you play in your life.

Get to know us & what we have in store for you.

Let’s Roll

We are kind of obsessed with Roll Tables as a way to embrace randomness and build resilience. If you're playing Dungeons & Dragons or another tabletop roleplaying game, your Game Master is likely familiar with these handy tools.

Each newsletter will include a downloadable Roll Table to bring some fun & controlled chaos into your life.

For our first Newsletter, we have the Daily Task Roll Table. Each day, roll 1d20 (That is one, 20-sided die) and do that task that day. Download it below.

New to Roll Tables? The download includes Roll Tables 101 for you, too.

Join us!

Still curious to learn more about COACHES & DRAGONS? Here's how you can keep in touch with us on our campaign!

Book your FREE “one shot” - a virtual coaching session with Autumn or Jerod

Get our newsletter - trust me, this is not your average personal development newsletter. You’re going to look forward to these popping into your inbox! Two words…ROLL TABLES.

Follow us - We will have a lot of great content for you on Instagram.

Happy Adventuring!


Autumn & Jerod

Daily Task Roll Table
Download PDF • 1.30MB


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