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The Chaotic Good Coaching Program

The Chaotic Good Coaching Program is a flexible one-on-one coaching program offered by COACHES & DRAGONS.

Why is it called "Chaotic Good?"

Chaotic Good is a character philosophy in many roleplaying games that suggests that good comes from the freedom of individuals to act independently as well as from a willingness to breaks rules, structures, and hierarchies to accomplish what they desire.

At COACHES & DRAGONS, Chaotic Good is about trusting yourself and advocating for the good of yourself and others, even if that means disrupting the status quo. It is freedom to be who you are regardless of anyone else's expectations of who you should be.

What can I expect from The Chaotic Good Coaching Program?

Folks sign up for a one-on-one coaching program when they want to create a lasting change in their life or invest in their self-care and personal development. This might be related to your career, major life events, burnout, or curiosity about exploring new opportunities.

Through the program, we will focus on three key areas:

Embrace Your Hero Within

We'll work with you to uncover your hero within - the reflection of your values and who you want to become on your adventures. In the corporate world, this might be considered your leadership style or your "compass." Our program is designed to help you uncover your values so you can identify what you want and make easier decisions on the path to get there.

Own Your Adventure

You define your goals (aka "quests") for the program, not us. We also don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution or structure for you to follow. As your coach, we will support you as you experiment with new approaches and step into the unknown. This is your adventure and we're here to help you advance further and farther than you might be able to alone.

Build Your Own Guidebook

Coaching is all about learning about yourself. What are your strengths? What assumptions have you made that might be holding you back? What new patterns or habits set you up for success? With the help of your coach, you'll build out your own guidebook of tools, tips, and tricks that are designed by you and for you. Between sessions, you'll put this guidebook into practice by taking action. After your program, this guidebook will be yours to continue to evolve and make lasting changes long after your time with us is over.

How does it work?

If you've never worked with us before, we offer a free "one shot" - a virtual coaching session with a certified Co-Active coach so you can experience what it's like before you commit to the program.​ Choose your coach here.

If the program is the right fit for you, choose from either a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month "campaign" and a regular meeting time. Your coach will be like the perfect game table: on time and ready for adventure.​ Typically, your sessions will be every two weeks through Zoom so you have enough time to put your learning into action between sessions.

When you sign up, we'll also provide you with The Chaotic Good Workbook, a tool for you to build out your personal Hero Sheet, define your goals, and take notes for each session. It will become a treasure trove of your own learnings throughout your adventure.

Who should sign up?

The Chaotic Good Coaching Program would be a good fit for you if you...

  • Love roleplaying games (like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder) or the fantasy adventure genre

  • Long to introduce some chaotic good into your life & communities. High impact, high reward.

  • Want to take action on your next dream or goal. Let's make that "fantasy" a reality.

  • Want to invest in your growth with fun, fearless, & adventurous approaches.

  • Are tired of productivity hacks and shaming self-help marketed as "personal development"

What are you waiting for?

As coaches, we want to introduce Chaotic Good into your life to help you shake things up and create a path for you to grow. No matter where you are right now, a coaching program can be designed to meet your needs, especially one with roleplaying games as its source of inspiration (aka The Chaotic Good Coaching Program).

You don't need to wait - your next adventure is already calling.

Will you answer?


COACHES & DRAGONS is a collaboration with Autumn Wade and Jerod Turner, whose mission is to bring roleplay to the role you play in your life. They help others experience life as a bold adventure by translating roleplaying games into tools for self-discovery and action. Curious to learn more?

Here's how you can keep in touch with us on our campaign!

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