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Session 40 - Pick Your Locks Wisely

This is part 1 of 4 in our Going Rogue series.

When one door closes, another one opens…

Unless you’re a rogue, in which case that closed door might as well be opened, right?

Rogues in most TTRPGs are the ones you turn to for casually breaking and entering - usually for a just cause. Who knows what secrets or evil might be lurking behind such a flimsy latch? There might be untold wealth or power that just needs to be put in the right hands - affordably with a five finger discount.

At Coaches & Dragons, we don’t encourage theft, but we do want our clients to claim what is rightfully theirs to have: their power, their creativity, their courage, their curiosity, and so much more.

We often find that what our clients want to claim is locked behind a closed door. 

That “closed door” might be a rule that has been taught to them. The “locks” might be barriers put in place by folks who don’t want them to have it or expectations that need to be met. That door may be locked and closed because those who shut the door in the first place won’t ever give the permission for them to open it.

So that’s why it’s really handy to have a rogue around: rogues don’t wait for permission.

The rogue teaches us to pick our locks wisely. To be careful and make sure we are safe. With sleight of hand and fierce attention there’s no door that will stay closed to us for long.

Pick the lock. Break the security code. Snatch the key when they aren’t looking. Say what you need to say to get in the door and secure the prize. If it belongs to you, go after what is yours.

Because some rules are meant to keep you out. Some doors are built to entice your desire, but keep you in a state of wanting. The reward if you play by the rules of someone else’s game is never truly there.

Yet, I’ve never seen a rogue who walks away from a heist empty-handed - at least not for long. 

Get cracking!


Autumn & Jerod


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