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Session 21 - Action Surge

This is part 2 of 4 in our Enter the Arena series.

You’ve rolled initiative, you’re running on adrenaline, and then in the most intense moments you realize that you’re starting to run out of gas.

When you’re in the fray of change and conflict, it is tempting to dive in head first and commit to our course of action and get a head start. Yet in other moments, when we are in the greatest danger of failing our commitments or find ourselves overwhelmed, we wish our surge capacity was available.

There are limits to what we can accomplish in a day - time being the greatest constraint of all. Yet there are moments where we either break past our limits and dig deep or we have to retreat.

Fighters in D&D know this moment well. They have mastered intention and timing to turn those lowest moments into a powerful inflection point: sometimes, we need to use an Action Surge.

In D&D, that means we might be able to take two actions instead of one. Becoming more efficient with our energy and our time in those moments allows us to do more than we initially thought - and accomplish more than we can dream.

Where could you benefit from being twice as effective?

When we are committed to a course of action or find ourselves in a pivotal moment of transformation, we need all the help we can get. It’s unrealistic, however, to think this surge is always available to us which is why it is important to pick our moment.

After all, if you’re using your “dig deep button,” the dirt has to come from somewhere. There is a price to pay for the extra effort.

It is difficult to know when it’s the right moment to lean into the Action Surge.

Yet, that moment is yours to decide. Choose your moment when you’ll have the most impact on the fight.

If you’ve attempted change before and entered the arena, you’ll have a better sense of when that moment approaches. If you’re still gaining experience, there are times you might need to make a retreat - but now you’ll know where those limits have made themselves known. And like any good fighter, you’ll get back into the fray once again.

And if all else fails, the feeling of overwhelm too great, it may be time to find that Second Wind - an additional source of restoration that you can call upon in those trying moments. For some of us, that Second Wind is our “big why” behind our adventure or the reward when we make it home after this quest.

Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to call upon this emotional well of inspiration - especially if that’s the difference between you succeeding or abandoning your quest altogether.

You deserve to stay in the fight. The change you’re fighting for is worth it. The fight is how you gain experience. And when you level up, who knows what feats you might accomplish.

And, when you get knocked down, get back up again! Or keep a cleric nearby.


Autumn & Jerod


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