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Enter the Arena

Each month is a personal development adventure and here’s how it works:

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What is Enter the Arena?

If the arena calls for its next fighter to enter, will you walk into the ring?

Conflict is something that we tend to avoid. We associate “conflict” with negativity, violence, misbehavior, drama, and stress – and understandably so. Conflict has a bad reputation, but that’s because it’s misunderstood as a generative force.

It is through conflict that we are able to make progress, enforce healthy boundaries, and stand up for what’s important to us. Whether internal or external, conflict tests what we are made of.

That’s why when we make any sort of personal change or transformation conflict follows - it’s a bundled deal.

In this personal adventure, we’ll explore what our favorite fighters, monks, and rangers can teach us about the conflict that results from change. We'll explore how to train for it, how to lead when we are in the thick of it, and what we need to do when we sense conflict is coming our way.

That way, the next time you’re ready to take a stand for yourself, your growth, or others, you’ll be ready to roll initiative too.


Get the Guide to Enter the Arena

We've built the Guide to Enter the Arena you can use alongside our newsletters to dive deeper into Sessions 20-23. It has roleplaying ideas, actions to take, journal prompts, inspirational magic items and more!

Download the guide here.


Explore Enter the Arena

Click the session title to dive deeper with each topic in this series once it's live!

What’s your fighting style? We’ll explore how different approaches to combat in TTRPGs lend themselves to how we might approach both internal and external conflict in real life. Explore your natural strengths and where you might want to invest in some additional training.

You’re ready to take action and dig deep to make change happen. You’re willing to put in the extra effort this round. How long will you keep up the fight? In this session, we’ll explore how to take action and how to pick your moment to dig deep or call for a retreat.

Monks understand the wisdom of the body. While we may engage in conflict on an intellectual level in our heads, we can learn a lot more from what we feel from the neck down. In this session, we’ll take notes from the monk to learn how our body adapts to internal and external conflict.

How do we balance vigilance with anxiety? When we are on the lookout for danger, how do we stay prepared? In this session we’ll learn from rangers on how you can spot what’s coming and become the best observer of yourself and your environment.


Free Workshop!

Enter the Arena: Charging into Conflict After Change

August 17, 12-1 ET on Zoom

You've made a commitment to change and planned a course of action. Are you prepared for the fight that follows?

Conflict follows any sort of personal change or transformation. It is through that conflict that we are able to make progress, enforce healthy boundaries, and stand up for what's important to us. How we approach that conflict is what separates the average adventurers from the heroes.

In this workshop, the team at Coaches & Dragons will show you how to prep for the fight & enter the arena ready for action every time you make a change.

You'll learn how to:

  • Differentiate between internal and external conflict

  • Structure your decisions to support intention AND accountability

  • Spot where conflict leads to setbacks

  • Define your homebrew "Fighting Style" when you make a change


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