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Wizardly Wisdom

Each month is a personal development adventure and here’s how it works:

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What is Wizardly Wisdom?

Spells are a key feature in a lot of fantasy TTRPGs, but what is sometimes lost is the path to acquiring and discovering that magic. In D&D in particular, many spells still bear the name of their creator (Mordekainen, Ottoluke, Tasha, etc) and in future versions of D&D wizard players may be able to even craft their own spells to have the same impact. The question is, how do they go about the creation of these world-changing spells?

That’s what this month’s theme is all about: Wizardly Wisdom

Many wizards carry with them a spellbook - a place for them to reflect, iterate, and experiment during their arcane studies. In real life, the closest comparison is to a journal or a log. Wizardly Wisdom is about using reflection tools like journals to help us unlock new potential within our day-to-day life. We’ll look at spellcrafting as a way of bringing intention and meaning to our everyday “rituals” and how we might create our own custom spells for our own benefit and setting boundaries.

Wizards are masters of unlimited arcane potential, but it takes an inward journey of reflection and honesty to get there. Are you up to the task?


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Explore Wizardly Wisdom

Click the session title to dive deeper with each topic in this series once it's live!

We’ll start with creating a focus for your personal reflection practice: your “spellbook.” This does not have to be a traditional journal – create just a single place to capture your thoughts and start building a habit of reflecting. This is the start of looking inward for validation and empowerment over time.

Ritual “spells” take time, but often don’t burn up as many resources as casting them on-demand. In this session we’ll explore ways you can create your own rituals - combining dedicated time and intention - for your personal wellbeing and bringing mindfulness to your day.

Enchantment spells are often used to influence others, but here’s a mass suggestion: what if these spells could bolster your own confidence and self-esteem? In this session we’ll look at how affirmations can help us get the most out of our reflection practice – especially when we are full of doubt or stuck in our own thinking.

Session 19: Protect Your Squishy Wizard

Let’s just say it: wizards are vulnerable and squishy. While they might have powers beyond mundane imagination, sometimes it’s the mundane things that can take them out. We’ll look at ways that you can protect your “wizard” self by setting boundaries and learning when it’s safe to share what ideas and thoughts have emerged in your reflections.


Free Workshop!

Wizardly Wisdom: Unlocking the Magic of Reflection & Ritual

July 20, 12-1 ET on Zoom

In this free workshop, the team at Coaches & Dragons will show you how to design a personal reflection practice of your own that is aligned to your personal goals and where you would like to grow. We’ll talk about journaling, habit-building, and the magic that reflection can bring to your work, your relationships, and your everyday life.

This workshop is great if you:

  • Are curious about starting a journaling or reflection practice

  • Have a hard time with performance reviews or reflection questions

  • Want to learn about getting new habits to stick

  • Want to build more leadership capability


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