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Session 43 - True Investigation

This is part 4 of 4 in our Going Rogue series.

Y’know, not all rogues have to be breaking the law and doing illicit or illegal activities. 

Sometimes, they are just the ones willing to investigate the places most folks tend to avoid. They are the ones to connect the dots and mastermind the next plan. They scout ahead to identify threats before the rest of their crew has to face them. At their heart, rogues are true investigators.

No door unchecked. No clue unnoticed. No trap left armed. No heist without a plan.

What makes rogues such great investigators is the thoroughness of their inquiries. 

What part of their environment is left unexplored? 

What tactics might be required in the next moment? 

What disruption might create an opportunity? 

What greater power might need to get knocked down a peg to level the playing field?

The rogue’s watchful eyes and curious mind turns questions into answers into decisions.

In our everyday life, we might benefit from the same perspective. Watching, waiting, and investigating so that we might get the most leverage out of the next action we take. 

Spot patterns before they become threats. Identify systems where others only see coincidences. Showcase what would otherwise be unseen.

Under the magnifying glass of a rogue, each detail can be of consequence and the smallest detail might lead to the biggest breakthrough yet.

So while you might be unwilling (for now), to take on the subversive side of the rogue, take a moment and step into the other side where clues abound, instincts decide, and risks are taken because sometimes a change is better than the status quo.

You never know where your current case might lead.

So, follow your next clue!


Autumn & Jerod

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