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Session 19 - Protect Your Squishy Wizard

This is part 4 of 4 in our Wizardly Wisdom series.

Let’s just say it: wizards are vulnerable and squishy. While they might have powers beyond mundane imagination, sometimes it’s the mundane things that can take them out.

In many ways, it’s a fitting analogy for a personal reflection practice. Sometimes, our ideas, thoughts, feelings, and everything else we’ve written down is very vulnerable to share.

For many folks, there is an “embryonic” state to those ideas where they aren’t fully formed and need more time before they are ready to be shared. When we are ready though, sharing our reflections with others can help us grow and build connections with others too.

So what do we need to be able to share our ideas and our thoughts?

The key to vulnerability is safety and boundaries.

Now, that might not be what you expect. If I’m going to be vulnerable, isn’t that the opposite of safety and boundaries?

Here’s the truth: safety is a prerequisite for vulnerability. Know the waters you’re swimming in and recognize that others might have different definitions of safety from your own.

Boundaries can help us either define what we need to feel safe or create better conditions for us to step into vulnerability. (If you need to set boundaries, you can check out “Big Paladin Energy”)

Most importantly, boundaries are not barriers but filters. They don’t just limit what can occur, they give permission to let other folks in too. That’s why creating a boundary is key to vulnerability.

If you’re ready to share with others some of your personal reflections, take some time beforehand to consider what needs to be true for you to feel safe doing so and what boundaries you need to set for yourself and others. Just because it is written down does not mean you have to share it.

After all, your personal reflection practice is just that - all yours. No one else is entitled to your thoughts.

Yet the magic lies in the sharing. Because once you do so, you start to create the inclusive environment where others can begin to do the same.

No need to protect the squishy wizard so desperately when you have a party full of allies alongside you.

Be squishy adventurers!


Autumn & Jerod

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