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Bardcore Magic

Each month is a personal development adventure and here’s how it works:

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What is Bardcore Magic?

Bards are the performers that use the magic inherent in the arts to support their allies and diminish their foes. They find their place in a party because they source their magic not from arcane planes beyond our understanding, but from that which makes us want to celebrate life itself.

In this adventure path, we will introduce you to the secrets of Bardcore Magic so that you too can channel your inner bard. By doing so, you'll find new ways to unleash your creativity, connect to you pleasure, and perhaps even one day seduce a dragon.

There is substantial Bardic Inspiration all around us if we spare the moment to look for it. Each of us – no matter the excuses, the comparisons the doubt, or the voices against us – can be creative. There is no secret trick or special college you need to attend. Simply look within, be curious about what you find, and enjoy the process of sharing that with the world.

After all, the bards share the tales of the legends they pick up along the way, channeling them through their own medium, their own perspective, their own skill so that the pain and the pleasure they found can be shared. That's what Bardcore Magic is all about.


Get the Guide to Bardcore Magic

We've built the Guide to Bardcore Magic you can use alongside our newsletters to dive deeper into Sessions 24-27. It has roleplaying ideas, actions to take, journal prompts, inspirational magic items and more!

Download the guide here.


Explore Bardcore Magic

Click the session title to dive deeper with each topic in this series once it's live!

Words and names have the power to shape and control our reality, both in-game and in-real-life. In this session we will explore how bards use words (known and unknown) to create new experiences, support themselves and their allies, and take away power from their enemies.

Bards practiced in musical abilities know that when words fail, music can move us just as well. Not only that, but understanding how we show up as performers ourselves can shift our emotional landscape while bringing our audience along for the ride too.

Who doesn't love a good story? Whether it's a campfire or a TV screen, we have always gathered around to listen to a tale or two. In this session, we'll explore the narratives that we tell ourselves and learn from on our inner bard on how to use those stories to shape our personal growth.

Pleasure isn't just bacchanalia and drunken revelry - it's a celebration of life that shows up in our everyday moments and blissful endeavors. In this session we'll learn how bards use pleasure as the sources of their magic - and how they can inspire us to follow pleasure in our own lives.


Free Workshop!

Bardcore Magic: Unleashing Creativity through Pleasure

September 21, 12-1 ET on Zoom

Bards have quite the reputation as charmers within D&D and other TTRPGs: They are performers, master orators and storytellers, magicians and musicians, polymaths and jacks & jills of all trades. Pleasure is what Bards bring to a party. And by creating from their sources of pleasure, they teach others how to do the same. Including you. In this workshop, we will use the things that bring you pleasure as an inspiration and guide and learn about the power of words to shape the outcomes we want. Afterward, don't be surprised if you tap into your creative side when you’re facing your next problem or challenge. Are you ready for some Bardic Inspiration? This workshop is great if you want to:

  • Unleash your creative side

  • Learn the distinction between self-indulgence and pleasure

  • Connect with your sources of pleasure

  • Dance like EVERYONE is watching

Sign up if you don't know the answer to these questions:

  • What makes you feel warm & fuzzy inside?

  • When do I feel creative?

  • Why are things feeling "blah" in my life right now?

  • What is the word to express what I'm feeling?


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