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Session 25 – The Movement Musician

This is part 2 of 4 in our Bardcore Magic series.

There is a reason musical compositions contain “movements” – they can take us from standing still to dancing, crying, and singing with life. Sounds are a vibration and they can shake us loose from what is keeping us stuck and still.

We may not be able to play or write music like the bards from our TTRPG games, but we can all partake in the performance. That’s a special kind of bard magic to inspire others and change what’s possible. Rolls become successes, wounds are healed, and our enemies kept at bay for a moment longer.

Memories have their own soundtrack. Emotions become found again when the right song plays on the radio. We find communion and community in concert, feeling lost and at one with the crowd all at once.

Music gives us the power to surrender to what we feel and who we want to become.

How do we bring that power into our daily life?

Start with finding the music. Build a playlist around a memory, mood, or experience. Discover new sounds through shuffle mode or check out this global music time machine. Listen to those throwback tunes. Attend a live show near you. Buy that concert ticket where you have no idea who is performing.

Be open to the sounds that move you and allow the songs and the music to do the work for you.

And you can always listen to your inner bard. Here’s how:

  1. Start by finding The Muse - what inspires your music or your song? Is it an emotion? A memory? A message?

  2. Next, imagine The Audience - who are your raving fans? Who do you want to hear your song? What venue best suits the music you want to share?

  3. Finally, imagine you, The Musician. What kind of performance would you offer? Is there even music? Is there a band, or is this a solo act? What song is the highlight of your set? What is the encore song to get you back on stage?

Remember, you can be the muse, the audience, AND the musician – art can be created for yourself alone. The power comes from the creative act.

When you feel stuck, find the audience to support you. When you’re feeling lost or unsure, turn to your muse. When you’re ready to let your voice be heard, the musician is ready and waiting to step on the stage.

Let the music create the movement in your life and see where you might go next on tour. Chances are it might lead you to a faraway realm or closer to a party that will adventure with you on a campaign for life.

It has a nice sound to it.

Drop the beat!


Autumn & Jerod


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