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Session 9 - Druidcraft

Nature can show up anywhere.

Even in cities, you’ll find nature in the birds in the sky or the weeds in the sidewalk. Streets aren’t too dissimilar from rivers or cars from schools of fish. Rush hour traffic might feel like swimming upstream. Sidewalks might be shorelines. Buildings might be hills while skyscrapers rise like mountains.

If you can’t keep a houseplant alive, you live in an urban concrete jungle, or just plain love staying indoors, don’t worry - you can still practice druidcraft.

In many roleplaying games, the druid is the nature lover, protector of the earth and the elements, and friends with the flora and fauna (if not changing shape to join their ranks). They are the green thumbs, the flower children, and outdoors people that LOVE being in the wild.

In real life, studies have shown that connecting to nature has countless benefits, including reducing stress and improving your mood. But what if we don’t have the wilderness at our doorstep or enjoy being in nature at all? Druidcraft provides a path for us to define our own personal connection to nature.

There are natural cycles around us from the seasons and day to night.

Even seeing the trash and recycling piling up until trash day is a cycle of its own. Getting in touch with these regular rhythms can help us bring mindfulness to our day to day.

Regardless of your connection to nature and the great outdoors, building your own form of druidcraft can help you enjoy more of the world around you. It can open doors to an appreciation of the connection between you and your environment – and perhaps invite a slower pace of life than you might be used to.

As Lao Tzu is quoted, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

In the world of fantasy, druids are aware of this. Despite the efforts to build civilization, the mountains and trees still outlive us. What can we learn from that wisdom?

So go out there and hug some trees!

Sincerely, Autumn & Jerod #ChaoticGoodVibesOnly

Download the Session 4 Notes Here! What's Inside:
  • Stop back & forth decision-making

  • Nat 20 your resilience checks

  • Vote for who you want to become

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