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Session 8 - Build-a-Bastion Workshop

Many parties and campaigns in tabletop roleplaying games create a home base, whether that’s a renovated tavern, a tiny hut, a bastion for defense, or a campfire. It’d be a simplification to say this home base is just a place for sleeping and eating.

Home is where the transformation is.

Our home is a tool for our own personal growth and transformation that is easily taken for granted. While many of us spend the majority of our time at an office (at least before the pandemic), our home is where we spend the majority of our remaining time. It supports our daily routines and rhythms, provides us with a place to eat and rest, and can have a large impact on who we become.

You don’t have to renovate or redesign your home for it to have a transformative effect. Taking a moment to observe the level of cleanliness, tidiness, materials, light, and other features can give insight into how you engage with your home.

Sometimes cleanliness is a sign of our anxiety - whether that’s seeing the dishes and papers pile up or the result of endlessly tidying so every surface is perfect.

In other moments, it might be about relative order or disorder. Does everything have its place and never move under any conditions - or are things more flexible, shifting with the seasons or dinner party needs?

And sometimes, yes, it might come down to design details. Is the lighting warm or cold? Are all of the materials hard and straight-edged or are they soft and textured? What does the arrangement of your furniture say about how you spend your time?

If you pay attention to all of the activities in your home, you can identify some assumptions about how you’ve been living each day. And once you notice these patterns, you can make a shift and try something new.

Rearrange the furniture. Hang some new art. Put a hamper where that pile of clothes always ends up anyway.

Bringing intentionality to your home can bring in fresh excitement and attention to your day-to-day life and spark some new transformations for you in the long run.

When it comes to creating a space where you can be yourself, there’s no place like home.

See you next week home-ies!


Autumn & Jerod

Download the Session 7 Notes Here! What's Inside:
  • Seize control of your domain

  • Gain advantage with tchotchkes

  • Create a space where you can be yourself

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