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Session 7 - Every Day I'm Tinkering

Whenever we think about making a change, it's natural to think BIG and NEW. New routines, new workout schedules, new job, new promotion, new city, new partner. We tend to put these big, new changes higher on the pedestal. If we aren’t changing something in a BIG way, we’re convinced that it’s not much of a change at all.

That’s totally wrong. Here’s some math: if you make a 1% improvement every day, you’re 37x times better by the end of the year.

So why not make small, incremental changes instead? Let’s start tinkering!

In your roleplaying game, what tiny action, trait, or behavior could enliven your character or change how they show up? What do the details of their life say about who they are?

Take a look at a small unit of measure for our life – a single day. What would be all the tiny ways that we could improve that day? What decisions would we make? What would we do differently?

Imagine taking just 10 minutes of your day that feels broken, draining, or loathsome and replace it with 10 minutes of something you love. What would be different after a week of that type of change?

Need another nudge to test this out? Small changes carry less risk.

If you are painting a room, do you pick a color at the store, buy the paint and paint the whole room at once? Or, do you get a paint swatch or sample and see how it looks in the room first?

If we go for something big, and we fail, we’re often left deeply disappointed and dejected. If something small fails, we have the opportunity to pivot and change at a low cost to ourselves. We try it out, we learn, and then we try something else – whether that’s new OR improved.

When we focus on big changes alone, we tend to forget all of the small steps it takes to make those happen.

When we focus on those small steps, we can actually create the bigger change we hope for.

The universe tends to be fractal and the small often reflects the large. All of the small decisions, habits, and changes we make become who we are. We are not defined by the big transformations, but the accumulation of all of the small ones we make each and every day.

If you’re considering something big or grandiose – go for it! But just for today, start first by thinking small.

Tinker away!


Autumn & Jerod

Download the Session 7 Notes Here! What's Inside:
  • Get more with incremental changes

  • Small steps for that big bang

  • Experimenting to create magic

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