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Session 6 - Spotting Traps

It looks like a normal door: simple door knob, solid wood, frequently used, no signs of wear and tear or damage.

Just to be safe, you decide to roll an investigation check. The DM informs you that you don’t find anything suspicious about the door. Still, you can’t shake the feeling that something is off.

Is it your fear or your intuition?

In times of uncertainty, we pay extra careful attention to our senses. We feel changes in our heartbeat and our breathing. We notice subtle changes in our environment and stay vigilant for things that might catch off guard. We start to mistake our fear for actual danger and soon, we’re spotting traps where traps might not exist.

This is a tricky predicament, both in game and in real life. Our fear of danger or incessant hunt for imaginary traps slows things down and drains pleasure from our experiences. We move as if we are constantly in survival mode and that is extremely draining.

In game, you might spend 30 minutes or more prepping to open a mysterious chest, only to find it perfectly normal in the end. In real life, you might spend a month debating, evaluating, and worrying and end up delaying action.

In the end, our experiences provide us with a full list of traps that we’ve experienced, what happened, and how we adapted afterward. Our experience with traps informs both our fear and our intuition.

These session notes are not intended to gaslight anyone into thinking that their fear is imagined or that there is no actual danger. This is an invitation to examine whether fear is in control and if we need to shift to our intuition.

When fear is in control, our vision - literal and figurative - begins to narrow. We tend to focus on details or become “mind readers” and create narratives that others might not have our best interest at heart. The world around us becomes a list of line items that limit us, providing us with multiple exit routes for us to avoid moving forward.

Our intuition, however, is an embodied voice. We can feel in our bodies when something is wrong or uncomfortable. The list of items that endanger us are likely wrongs that demand justice or violate our values. Our intuition ultimately conveys a sense of trust in our own abilities and that regardless of the risk, we will prevail in the end. We move slowly, but intentionally through the world, watchful, but not insistently cautious.

Before you dive headfirst into suspicion that there is a trap in your midst, take a moment to check in with yourself and what you are feeling at this moment.

Is it your fear or your intuition?

And whenever you’re ready…

Roll for Investigation!


Autumn & Jerod

Download the Session 6 Notes Here! What's Inside:
  • Is it your fear or your intuition?

  • Banish fear from the driver's seat

  • Gain advantage on investigation

Session 6 Notes PDF
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