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Session 38 - Achievement Unlocked

This is part 3 of 4 in our Leveling Upwards series.

When was the last time you celebrated a “level up” moment?

In all honesty, even in our favorite video games and TTRPGs it can be easy to see the level up and just skip through the details and get back to the adventure. We get the notification and we move on without much of a second thought.

Despite the sparkle, pings, trophies, and shiny highlights, we see the achievement yet fail to celebrate it.

This isn’t a call to treat yourself or find a reward as an incentive for accomplishing a task, goal, or objective. This is an invitation to pause and let that lovely level up sink into your bones.

This is about creating a celebration MOMENT.

How you might choose to celebrate is entirely up to you. Here at Coaches & Dragons, here’s how we celebrate a level up:

Relationships - Having someone to join in the celebration with you, witness your level up, or simply exerting your bragging rights on your latest accomplishment goes a long way.

Affirmation - “I am ____” or “I CAN ____” to lock in the learnings and bake in our previous experiences into our present vision of who we are.

Novelty - Consider what new heights, doors of opportunity, and once-impossible things are now within your grasp. What new skills, attributes, or characteristics have emerged for you?

Gratitude - Thank yous, recognition, and acknowledgment of the who and what that helped you arrive here. Appreciation for where you are now AND where you’ve been along the way.

Embodiment - Dance parties, happy wiggles, high fives, excited jumping, and sometimes sitting down on the couch to give our moving body an extra bump of rest.

Designing a practice that incorporates these elements is a strong start to celebrating your level up. Most importantly, it’s about creating the time and space for that practice.

You deserve to celebrate your level up, not to let it pass by like sunshine breaking past a cloud. Sit in the glow, feel the warmth in your blood, and bask in where you are right now.

By creating such a space, you might just find yourself at a new type of crossroads:

Savor the victory OR find what adventure is next.

The choice is yours.

Onwards and level upwards!


Autumn & Jerod


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