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Session 3 - Mind Your Hit Points

On a scale of 0 to 100, how many Hit Points (HP) do you have left right now? What is your max HP?

In video games and TTRPGs, most of our beloved heroes have their health and stamina monitored by an HP indicator – whether it’s a bar graph, a stack of hearts, or a numeric indicator – that is red and flashes when we enter a low health or dangerous situation. It’s a reflection of not just how much “damage” a character can take, but also a call to action to rest and restore.

In real life, we don’t always have a visible indicator of how much energy we have in a day, nor an awareness of what our max capacity looks like. We don’t realize what we are capable of until either we are pushed to our limit or we burn out. Without this awareness, we don’t notice we are taking hits and being drained of our health - until we are exhausted and desperate for anything to restore us. And without a healing strategy, it’s hard to get back up from zero, let alone imagine a life where we stay topped up on HP.

Unacknowledged stressors can influence our health in the long run, like the slow drip of poison damage or the surprise vulnerability that leaves us KO’d. If we aren’t careful, our own lack of self-care can lead to a community TPK (total party knock-out).

When we pay attention to what deals “damage” to us and what “heals” us, we can start to minimize those things that drain our energy and prioritize that which restores our energy.

Over time, we are able to make shifts and adjustments to our daily life that help us build resilience.

This awareness is our real-life HP indicator. With it, we can learn to craft our own versions of healing potions, spells, rests, and activities that can help us make sure we stay in good shape for the long haul. More importantly, prioritizing our access to these healing resources is what helps us go further and farther in our life than ever before.

So, let’s start today by getting in tune with our own personal pool of Hit Points and explore how to build capacity, minimize damage, and heal over time.

HP, set, go!!

Sincerely, Autumn & Jerod

Download the Session 3 Notes Here! What's Inside:
  • Create your real-life HP Indicator

  • Spend your energy intentionally

  • Discover your healing spells

Session 3_Session Notes
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