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Session 2 - Rolling a Natural 1

You planned, you coordinated your efforts, you devised and articulated a mastermind-level strategy imbued with expertise on the tactical execution of your vision – including how you’d celebrate and be recognized after you succeed.

And then you rolled a 1.

At most game tables, rolling a 1 on a d20 is a natural 1 or a critical failure. What happens when there is a critical failure?

Definitely not what you intended to happen in the first place. Often there are unexpected (and hopefully entertaining) consequences. Something happens at your game master’s discretion, and then it’s up to you and your party to adapt to what happens next.

Now, the stakes are higher. Resources are more scarce. You might be pushed to tackle an even greater challenge.


It’s time to accept the failure and move on.

Depending on what feat was attempted, the sting of failure varies. Casually attempting to pick a lock you now find irreparably jammed is going to be different than failing to land the final blow on a dragon that would guarantee safety for you and your people for years to come.

When you take action, you can’t ever guarantee the outcome. You choose how you respond to what happens next.

You can choose to mourn what could have been and what should have been. You can laugh at the unexpected absurdity despite your personal belief in what was possible. You can take the moment in stride and improvise an even better future than what you thought was originally possible. You can do all of these.

As you gain experience and level up, your abilities grow making you more & more resilient.

The natural 1 is a critical failure, but never are you, dear hero, a critical failure.

In any adventure or activity we pursue, there is always a chance to roll a 1, yet we choose to roll anyway. When there is a challenge or uncertainty ahead, consider rolling the dice anyway. For every natural 1 rolled, there is a natural 20 on the other side waiting to be discovered.

May all your rolls be with advantage!


Autumn & Jerod

Download the Session 2 Notes Here! What's Inside:
  • Take a new look at how you fail

  • Turn that natural 1 into an advantage

  • Actions to take after an unexpected failure

Session 2_Session Notes
Download • 1.30MB

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