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Session 1 - Think Outside the Class

In most games, the term “class” refers to the job or profession that differentiates the abilities of one character from another. Across the roleplaying game genre, the classes we are familiar with have become a shorthand for what to expect and sometimes archetypes of their very own.

  • Healers are often priest-like heroes wielding magic or medicine to tend to the wounded.

  • Warriors or Fighters are the sword and shield who use mundane might to beat the baddies.

  • Thieves are nimble, sly, and deadly - motivated by reward and thrill.

  • Mages are those seeking to do the impossible, learn the unknowable, or influence reality in their corner of the universe.

While the archetypes might provide a general picture, it doesn’t reflect the entirety of who we are and who we will become. Where we started is not where we will end up, and sometimes our “job” or “profession” will lead us to unexpected places we never thought possible. If we focused on the class alone, we’d miss out on the richness that is our own personal story. We know at the heart of each of these heroes is their story. Sometimes, these epic tales started with unexpected and humble beginnings.

  • The healer is a grizzly retired veteran, atoning for the harm they caused on the battlefield.

  • The warrior is a mother who had only lifted a frying pan before she lifted a sword.

  • The thief is a young girl who nearly died in childhood and now refuses to stay in bed for long.

  • The mage is a fisher by trade who started to study the weather before becoming enchanted by the arcane.

We tend to assume that specialization is the key to success by gaining as much experience as we can within a singular domain and devalue those experiences that deviate from our expectations.

In real life, we can focus so much on our job or profession, that we tend to forget the ways our own path – with its zig zags, beelines, interruptions, and transitions alike – has given us unique gifts that we can use in our “class” at the time.

For your job or profession, explore what unique gifts and stories you bring to your class and see what hidden adventures might be in store for the next part of your journey.

Stay classy out there!


Autumn & Jerod

Download the Session 1 Notes Here! What's Inside:
  • Discover a magic item for building new transferrable skills

  • Unlock the power of exploring your own backstory

  • New perspectives for exploring your role

Session 1_Session Notes
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