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Homebrew Leadership

Each month is a personal development adventure and here’s how it works:

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What is Homebrew Leadership?

This month, our adventure is Homebrew Leadership where we take the leadership "rules" and encourage you to write your own. We also created a Guide to Homebrew Leadership for you to use throughout the month.

In tabletop roleplaying games, “homebrew” is a term to categorize rules, characters, settings, and other creations that folks make at home outside of the standard rules or products. Homebrew is an invitation to take what exists and find ways to make it your own.

Homebrew Leadership is a new approach to leadership that brings storytelling, adventure, and your values to the forefront. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach or a generic list of skills and competencies for you to master. This is your opportunity to build your world your way.

Homebrew Leadership is about discovering your capabilities and defining a leadership approach that’s unique to you. Anyone can be a leader much like anyone can become a hero - it just takes time, courage, and a willingness to dance with your destiny.

When the leadership “rules” don’t reflect who you are, write your own. That’s what Homebrew Leadership is all about.

Adventure awaits!

Explore Homebrew Leadership

Click the session title to dive deeper with each topic in this series!

We'll start with discovering your Hero Within – the source of your values and your leadership style. This can be a character that already inspires you or a character you'll be ready to create that can help you make decisions, have a greater impact, and live with intention and integrity.

Every hero has a vision for what's possible in the future – and the same is true for leaders. In this session, we'll explore how you might define a personal leadership vision that is both inspiring and focused so you can identify your next adventure in life.

Just because they are behind a screen does not mean their work is all behind the scenes. We often think of leaders as the person in front with a megaphone, but many leaders can support from afar and offer mentorship, accountability, and motivation to help others achieve their goals - just like your dedicated DM in every session.

You might be able to go fast alone, but you can go further with the right partner. Leaders are often called to collaborate and sometimes change the math so the sum of their efforts is greater than their parts. We'll explore how to find the right partner and become a fantastic partner for others in this session.


Hook. Line. Adventure Workshop

Define Your Leadership Vision June 22 11-12 ET on Zoom

In this FREE workshop, the team at Coaches & Dragons will show you how to create a leadership vision of your own, inspired not by a corporate agenda, but by your favorite pop culture heroes and fantasy adventures.

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Create a well-articulated leadership vision.

  • Define which side quests do NOT help you achieve your vision.

  • Identify actionable steps and decision-making criteria for your next life change


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