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It's time to bring roleplay to the role you play in your life.
We help gamers, geeks, and nerds experience life as a bold adventure by translating roleplaying games into tools for self-discovery and action.

Our accessible and fun coaching experiences are inspired by games, stories, and epic adventures to help you conquer real challenges by amplifying courage, imagination, and authorship of your own journey.

This is a personal development experience like no other.

Join Our Adventuring Party

Our weekly newsletter offers inspirational magic items, character traits, and roll tables to support your personal growth with subscriber exclusive content!

How It Works

We offer free resources and our Chaotic Good Coaching Program to help you transform your everyday into a life defined by your personal adventure.


Empower Your Hero Within

We use roleplay to uncover your hero within - the reflection of your values and who you want to become on your adventures. Your hero offers clarity on what you want and makes decisions easier.


Own Your Adventure

You define your goals, not us. We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution or structure for you to follow either. But, no hero travels alone – we will inspire you to take initiative and face the unknown.


Gain Experience

Conquer  your dragons and build your own guidebook of tools, tips, and tricks created by you and for you. As you level up, we'll help you turn that learning into action so you can tackle future challenges.

Our Program

Chaotic Good Coaching Program

The Chaotic Good Coaching Program is a flexible one-on-one coaching program that integrates tools from roleplaying games into a "campaign" focused on your personal growth and future goals.  This program is about advocating for the good of yourself and others – even if that means disrupting the status quo and breaking a few rules along the way.

Ready to roll initiative? Learn more below!



We offer a free "one shot" - a virtual sample session with a certified coach so you can experience what it's like before you commit to the Chaotic Good Coaching Program.​




Our standard campaign is 3-months.  Each coaching session is virtual, 1 hour long and held every 2 weeks.

Want shorter sessions, less frequency, or a longer program? Your coach is happy to help you design a campaign that is the right fit for you.

3-month Campaign $1250 USD

Monthly payments are available. If cost is a barrier, contact us for more information.




We'll provide you with The Chaotic Good Workbook, a tool for you to build out your personal Hero Sheet, define your goals, and take notes for each session. It will become a treasure trove of your own learnings throughout your adventure.

Need to roll an Investigation Check?

You can learn more about the program here.

New to coaching? Check out our FAQ.

Free Resources

Investigate These Resources

The Blog

If you're curious on how to apply roleplaying games to real life, check out our archive of personal resources you can use today.

The Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter offers inspirational magic items, character traits, and roll tables to support your personal growth with subscriber exclusive content!

Daily Task Roll Table

Grab your dice & incorporate some chaotic good into your day! Use this roll table to embrace randomness, build resilience, and bring adventure into your life.

Choose Your Coach

Choose Your Coach

We are certified coaches that love roleplaying games. Our mission is to see everyone live a life of adventure. Life's too short.  Be Awesome.
Schedule your FREE One Shot Coaching Session today.


Why did we start

Personal development can be boring AF. Dead. Tired. Same Old Same Old. AND it can feel inauthentic. Where’s the adventure?


We love gaming and we love personal development. And it just so happens that roleplaying games offer a familiar framework that encourages exploration, play, and confidence in facing the unknown – which personal growth requires. 

So, we borrowed ideas from tabletop roleplaying games so you can turn your fantasy from an escape into reality. While we can't promise you'll slay a real red dragon, we can promise to give you better tools to fight whatever dragons you might face - whether that's self-acceptance, self-confidence, or reaching the end of whatever quest you're on today.

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